National circus pole, Auch welcomes artists in residence or in performance throughout the year. In autumn, professionals, amateurs or simple spectators from all over the world meet at the Current circus festival CIRCA. But where does this Gers enthusiasm for the track arts come from?

A little bit of history

It all began 45 years ago under the leadership of Father Lavenère-Lussan who created the school of Pop Circus. Then it is Achille Zavatta who affirms the attachment ofAuch for the popular show that is the circus by choosing the city for its winter quarters.

Every spring, before hitting the road again, the Zavatta circus presented its new show to the Auscitans *

A first festival dedicated to circus schools is born, and will be followed by many others. From year to year, the capitals are more numerous and Auch becomes a space for the development of contemporary circus.

Circassian innovation and research center

With the passion and energy of those who drive it, Auch becomes the privileged place of meetings between circus schools, artists and professionals from France and elsewhere. New forms of circus arts are present at the Festival: dance, theater, music are added to circus disciplines in ever more innovative shows. The National Circus Pole was born.

Gers (32) Auch. CIRC. CIRCA Festival. Traveling Circus Company

It is in all sincerity that the artists explore and dare new writings by seeking the right place for their technical prowess. Some play with glitter and drum roll, others divert circus techniques to experiment again, but all are driven by the desire to share their creations with audiences from here or elsewhere. Marc Fouilland, former director of CIRCA


At the heart of the former Auch cavalry district, which has been rehabilitated today, we find the CIRC (circus innovation and research center). And it took no less than Bartabas and his Zingaro equestrian theater to inaugurate it. It is a colorful place of life, organized around the permanent marquee: the Dôme de Gascogne.

Circa supports the creation of circus arts by hosting companies in residence. Like Achille Zavatta, these companies offer presentations of their work. An opportunity to meet artists and see shows in a different way and with free access!

The CIRCA Festival

Unmissable event for the discipline, the Current circus festival every year in October welcomes amateur or professional circus schools, artists, enlightened spectators or simply curious.

The contemporary circus gives here all its generosity, its audacity and its poetry. The program is eclectic, it includes around thirty shows and is enriched by introductory circus workshops, screenings, music, exhibitions.

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