Auch "The beautiful surprise of the southwest" definitely keeps its promises. A visit to his museum, the Museum of the Americas-Auch, is a real discovery. There is an incredible collection of pre-Columbian art, and many other little treasures. Ready to explore the museum?

The decor

From the banks of the Gers river, taking one of these alleys that lead to the Cathedral, we arrive in front of the garden gate of the Museum of the Americas-Auch. This very pleasant access already transports us to another world. At the reception shop, children go on a treasure hunt with their colored booklet. We follow suit and enter the first rooms.

Towards the ancient city

The museum offers an exhibition of remains ofAugusta Auscurum, in the Gallo-Roman period. It is none other than a statue of Trajan (yes Trajan, that of the famous Trajan column of Rome !) Who welcomes us. The excavations carried out at Likewiseon the outskirts of the Gers have revealed many treasures such as this remarkable mosaic, or the touching epitaph, dating from the 1st century, of a mistress mourned by the loss of her dog named Myia.

The end of antiquity and the Middle Ages also left many vestiges in Auch, stage of the ways of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle and important religious sanctuary.

Olifant from Saint-Orens

Ivory, dated from the end of the XNUMXth century. He carries the Maltese cross.

The 2nd collection of pre-Columbian art in France

Surprising and exotic to find such a background in the historic capital of Gascony! In the first rooms we discover display cases presenting a complete panorama of the great Mesoamerican civilizations: Teotihuacan, Zapotec, Maya, Aztec, Huastèque, Totonac. Among the treasures of Peru we contemplate the heads of very nice owls.

Figurines votives

Votive figurines

These two charming statuettes represent a woman in gold and a man in silver. The man's swollen cheeks betray him ... he chews coca leaves

The collection of pottery is very rich, the Inca vases sumptuous. Among these magnificent Andean ceramics we can recognize here and there the fox snake, the raptor jaguar or the feline toad.

Through its exceptional collections, the Museum of the Americas - Auch has received the label "National Reference Center" in pre-Columbian art and Latin American sacred art.

Close-up on the Mass of Saint Gregory

We approach a small room with red walls in which an attentive audience listens to the museum curator. It presents the Mass of Saint Gregory, mosaic of feathers made in 1539 according to the Aztec feather art. Captivating!

Mass of Saint Gregory, feather painting representing a traditional scene of XNUMXth century Christian art, the technique and symbolism used are from local traditions. The chasubles bear the Aztec hearts.

The plumasserie in video


We leave pre-Columbian America art and take the beautiful local stone staircase that takes us to the upper floor where a large room is dedicated to the Gascony and its traditions.

Objects and linens tell us about the great moments of yesteryear life. A pot of grease under the window? It is true that it was traditional to break it on the doorsteps of the newlyweds to ward off bad luck, here is a survivor ...

Fine arts

Very beautiful pieces make up the “Fine Arts” part, such as the “Retour de chasse” by Antonin Carlès, the model for that of the Tuileries garden in Paris, or “The reconciled fiancés” by Mario Cavaglieri, the famous painting cut and then reconstituted. when the antagonists were reunited!

The museum, land of adventure

Game or educational booklets, storytelling, creative workshops or birthday snacks, the youngest are pampered throughout the year at the Museum of the Americas - Auch labeled Famille Plus! Let the adults rest assured, we also think of them with guided tours, conferences or concerts. Plus, every first weekend of the month, the museum is free!

For kids

Equipped with their color game booklet, children from 4 years old set off to storm the museum and discover its treasures through delicate missions! Rebus, game of 7 errors, quiz, ...

2021, still something new!

A part of the reserves can be visited !

Then, the museum obtains the label Accessible tourism thanks to the improved accessibility of the building and new devices put in place: magnetic loop at reception, tactile booklet for the blind allowing visitors to follow an audio description route.

In Auch, the tourist office and the cathedral are also labeled.

a new audioguide makes its debut! With a long or short route and the choice to visit the museum in 3 languages: French, English and very soon in Spanish.

Un child course is specially designed for those who come to the museum with the family!

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