The whole Gers is there!

1 hour west of Toulouse, "wow effect" guarantees the view of the cathedral of Auch! If the historic center of Auch is to be discovered, it should not overshadow the hidden treasures around. Criss-crossing the hilly countryside is as delicious as strolling through Lavardens “Most Beautiful Villages of France”! Foie gras, Gascon pastis, Armagnac…: names that smell good for these specialties from the generous terroir.

Sillonner Auch et le cœur de la Gascogne

Explore Auch and the heart of Gascony

Holidays in the Gers? A host of discoveries awaits you in Auch and its surrounding countryside.

Plonger dans les arts du cirque

Long live the circus at Auch

Why the current circus is so anchored in Auch: history and life of a national center of circus arts.

Visiter la Cathédrale Sainte-Marie

Visit St. Mary's Cathedral

The Sainte-Marie Cathedral majestically dominates Auch. It is home to 3 gems and can be visited at will.

Rencontrer l’esprit de D’Artagnan

Soak up the spirit of D'Artagnan

D'Artagnan was born in the Gers; on a daily basis we see it, as for the Gascon plume we can feel it!

Savourer la gastronomie gasconne

Savor Gascon gastronomy

Foie gras and duck products IGP Gers, farm poultry, Gascon pastis ...: flagship flavors of the Gers region.

Découvrir le Musée des Amériques – Auch

Discover the Museum of the Americas - Auch

Among its collection of pre-Columbian art, the 2nd in France, prestigious feather paintings: a museum not to be missed!

Le vignoble gersois

The Gers vineyard

Armagnac, Floc de Gascogne, Côtes de Gascogne wines: the Gers wine trio accompanies the meal from start to finish!

Les grands évènements

Major events

Throughout the year, events, festivals and demonstrations punctuate the seasons and outings in Auch and the 33 other […]