The centuries of history have left their mark on the heritage ofAuch which reveals itself at the bend of many monuments, alleys and buildings of character ...

Auch, Gascony at the heart

The old Gallo-Roman city Augusta Auscorum experienced great invasions including that of the Vascons, who in the VI century gave their name to the ancient Roman province: Vasconie, future Gascogne. Auch became the archiepiscopal seat.

Vue sur la cathédrale Sainte-Marie d'Auch © Mai Dubroca

A city of character

Walk through the picturesque streets, descend the 354 steps of themonumental staircase, or admire here a timbered house, there a sumptuous little Italian theater, from everywhere arises the Gascon spirit, which is matched only by the panache of D'artagnan whose bronze statue proudly dominates the Gers Auch.

Dans les ruelles_Auch

Medieval town

Auch keeps many testimonies of the city that it was in the Middle Ages.

In the XVIII century, the steward d'Etigny give to Auch its aspect of modern city and embellishes it. He established squares, new streets, and beautiful public buildings like theCity hall and the Hotel de l'Intendance.

Théâtre à l'italienne_Auch ©L’instant C photographe_Office de Tourisme Grand Auch Cœur de Gascogne

A remarkable heritage

The Sainte-Marie cathedral, with its dominant position attracts all eyes. Major site on the road of Santiago of Compostela, this monument with many treasures illustrates the transition between flamboyant Gothic and the classic Renaissance style.

Cathédrale Sainte-Marie d'Auch

The Cathedral of Sainte-Marie is one of "those cathedrals which should be able to be placed in museums" declared the Emperor Napoleon during his visit to Auch in 1808

Le jardin et le Musée des Amériques–Auch
The Museum of the Americas – Auch - view of the entrance from the garden

The Museum of the Americas-Auch houses an incredible collection of pre-columbian art, and many other surprises such as a mosaic of feathers made in 1539 or a fresco dating from antiquity. The arts and Gascon tradition are very present in this astonishing museum.

On the way to Santiago de Compostela

Pilgrims who take the GR653 (Arles route, also known as the southern route), appreciate their passage through Auch, and take advantage of a rich heritage stopover.

Auch is doing his festival

The city is today the city of current circus and hosts the Circassian Research and Innovation Center, organizer of the Current Circus Festival d'Auch every year at the end of October.

CIRCa_Dome de Gascogne © CIRCa

Auch, Grand Site Occitanie in pictures

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