Until October 31 2014 au BEE, Ian Grandjean exhibits a retrospective photos artistic teams in residence at IARC. The art of capturing the movement of bodies in the air or even discovering the real life of a show, here is what these pictures reveal. Focus on the artist Ian grandjean, photographer.

Passionate since the age of 10

It was as a child that Ian Grandjean discovered the photo with his father. Since then the virus has not left him. He works a lot on the sharpness of the images, a fundamental criterion for a successful photo, until he meets the show and particularly with the artists in residence at CIRCa with whom he spends entire days. From then on the blur becomes acceptable, emphasizing the movement.

What you see in my photographs is what I see in my viewfinder. Nothing more, nothing less. If it happens that you experience an emotion, then for me the image is successful, says Ian Grandjean.

And if he had to have a motto, it would be that of the English photographer Don McCullin: Photography, for me, is not seeing but feeling.

His commitment to Auch

Besides his investment with the circus companies that he follows to Auch since 2012, and his exhibitions beyond our land of Gascon (particularly in Paris, left bank), Ian Grandjean has been leading and developing the photo activity in our region.

In 2011 with the association IMAJ, he launched Déclic, a digital photo competition where everyone can express their creativity around local heritage (architectural, cultural, floral, human, etc.). Still with IMAJ, he offers a day of initiation to shooting and a “heritage rally” in Auch - Picnic Déclic - and runs the PhotoLab project.

To see its exhibition and obtain information on workshops and events:
Address: 16 bis Rue Rouget de Lisle 32000 Auch 
Tel: +05 62 60 28 28
Website : IMAJ 

Heritage & Culture

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The 24 October 2014