Tourist routes


Departure route: NOUGAROULET cemetery car park.

1- Take the road in front of the cemetery to go straight up into the village. Continue and go down to the intersection. There, turn right, then a few meters further, arrive at the intersection of the D175 and take the departmental road on the right. Continue on this road until you reach a crossroads. Go opposite, direction "Saint Antonin", continue this road (still the D175) then leave it to take the first road on the left (be careful, it is not very visible, it is located just after the garbage containers on the left) . Go up this road until the first intersection, then turn right. Continue, you enter the village of AUGNAX. Arrived at the crossroads of the D105, turn left.

2- Continue on the D105 then take the first road on the left (be careful, rely on the visual landmark of the Cross and the Mushroom, it is at this intersection that you have to turn left, not before). Continue this road (be careful not to go on the path on the far left which serves a house), go up this road, pass the first intersection on the left, continuing straight ahead, then at the second intersection, turn left. Pass in front of the PUYCASQUIER cemetery. Continue the road to its end to arrive at the crossroads of the D172. Turn left. Cross the village of CRASTES. Take the road on the right, just in front of the primary school. Continue the road to its end, to arrive at the crossroads of the D175. Turn right to return to the village of NOUGAROULET.

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In detail

  • Distance: 19.00 km
  • Roaming duration: 45 minute (s)
  • Type of route: Touring cyclist
  • Type of route: Electric mountain bike
  • Route type: Electric bike



In rainy weather -Aubiet


In rainy weather - Montaut-les-Creneaux


In rainy weather -Mirepoix