The "Blé d'Ici & Pain d'Antan" bakery offers organic sourdough breads, kneaded and shaped by hand as in the past.
For the technical part, the sourdough is very different from the yeast used today. It makes the bread more digestible and allows it to keep much longer and to develop different aromas over time.
The result ? Nutritious breads with multiple flavors, made from old varieties of wheat and other grains.

Arthur the baker adapts to your requests and offers you personalized breads.

You can indulge yourself with delicious pastries and pastries made in the workshop and based on quality products.
The snack section offers formulas based on fresh and mostly organic and local products (pizza, sandwiches, sandwiches, quiches, etc.)
In an anti-waste approach, organic beers made from bread (for hops) produced with the Excuse brewery in Mauvezin are on sale in the shop.

Where can I find bread from the bakery (outside the Auch shop)?
At the Pavie market on Wednesday mornings, and on resale at the Auch market on Thursday mornings and in the Biocoop stores (Auch, Pavie, Preignan).


Payment method

  • Bank and postal checks
  • Ticket restaurant
  • Payment cards
  • Cash