Cultural heritage


The Saint Genès church has been remodeled several times. It consisted of a single nave dating from the Middle Ages. The restoration of the apse allowed the updating of a section of wall in small rubble attributable to the beginning of the Romanesque period. At the beginning of the 1880th century, two chapels were added. Until the XNUMXth century there was an old bell tower with three bays, replaced around XNUMX by a tower surmounted by a spire. Recent work has restored this tower to its original appearance.

The town of Castin has a rich cultural heritage in its XNUMXth century SAINT GENIEZ church.

- Painting by Jean Baptiste SMETS representing the crucifixion dating from 1752.
- Painting by Augustin LAGARDE representing SAINT ROCH dating from 1807.
- Low relief in polychrome wood representing the Last Supper (XVI and XVIIth century).
- Headless Gallo-Roman statue in white marble visible under the porch of the church.
- Two gilded wooden statues inscribed by the Historic Monuments restored in 2012.

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