New exhibition space dedicated to know-how, artistic craftsmanship and sharing.

Matières is the adventure of 7 craftsmen of art and ancient buildings, united hand in hand within this association!

The team, made up of
/ Marine André (Art and Material Workshop: painter-decorator)
/ Marion Baudoin: painter-decorator
/ Julie Bonnafous: stained glass artist
/ Agnès Busnel (from ARTagnès): glass roof / David Franzini: creator of lights, useful objects or not
/ Sophie Kieser: mosaicist
/ Céline Rozes (Saccaro): plaster, earth and lime masonry

"Our meeting combines both the love of our respective materials, and the interest in seeing them get married. This is how we have in recent years worked on various joint projects (furniture, public and private projects, creation of common decors, ...), and we ultimately wanted to find a place where we could permanently show our know-how, our materials, where to exchange, where to create together, where to better visualize the possible facets of projects, whether they relate to restoration or interior decoration.
We are now installed in a magnificent room due to its location and its volumes, which leave the colors and materials the necessary space to be admired!
Along with our own creations, our desire is also to offer other artists and craftspeople the opportunity to take advantage of this space to exhibit their works. "

"Materials" offers various exhibitions throughout the year (sculptor-ceramist, painter ...). Stay connected to be informed of upcoming meetings (on our site here in the agenda section or on the association's Facebook page).

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