We have heard that mysterious things are happening in the village of Castelnau-Barbarens...

“During work in the village, a chest was found but during its excavation, the Occitan cross that sealed it was broken. The site's security camera captured the scene where a strange animal is seen coming out of the trunk. Some witnesses speak of a basilisk! Give the remaining elements in the chest and the solution that the experts have found to avoid the disaster: reform the cross to seal the chest again and the magic formula to force the basilisk to re-enter it. »

Through a series of puzzles, discover the village of Castelnau-Barbarens and try your hand at hunting monsters! The game will lead you to meet the Occitan culture and allow you to understand where the traditions and characteristics of the beautiful territory that is the Gers and more broadly, the Occitanie region come from.

Escape Game open in July/August.

The creation of this escape-game was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Departmental Council of Gers of the Regional Council of Occitanie.

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Adult: 6 €
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Adult From 8 years €6