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Lovers of puzzles and suspense? Come and try the Domaine de Baulieu Escape Game to immerse yourself in the scary world.
Choose between two sessions: Chamber 13 and the Strange Chamber. The goal ? Flee as quickly as possible from this macabre lair and thus escape the hands of your executioner!
Guided by two masters of the game, you have up to 60 minutes to find clues by observing, searching and memorizing the smallest details in order to find the key to get out. Remember, it is above all a team effort. Whether you are 3 or 6, each of you has a role to play in your escape!

The Strange Room (novelty 2024:
You are secret agents sent to the Domaine de Baulieu to neutralize an ancient ghostly creature.
Only problem, seeing the entity would drive you crazy. In order to avoid any visual encounters, the Agency that hires you will provide a helmet with a front camera allowing the unfortunate adventurer to be guided by his teammates in the room.
Be careful though, the work will have to be completed in less than an hour, the Agency will not tolerate any delay.

Room 13, Macabre Repaire:
Domaine de Baulieu is facing a series of most disturbing disappearances. You are private detectives and your investigations lead you to the doors of the dismal room number 13 where you are about to enter. Getting too close to the truth, you are stunned and kidnapped.
You wake up in your captor's macabre lair where you'll have 60 minutes to escape.

Oklahoma Smith and the Taktokan Medallion (novelty 2023:
Specially designed for groups, this adventure can accommodate 9 to 30 players for an event, a business seminar or a team building action.
Oklahoma Smith, great Gers adventurer, is dead. To pay tribute to him, his grandson is organizing an exhibition retracing his greatest quest: the search for the Taktokan medallion. Source of many desires, it was hidden by Smith. It was without knowing that a terrible curse affected the exotic object. If within an hour he has not found his place, a terrible evil will spread across the world. It will be, unfortunately for them, up to the guests to find the object...

Following your adventure, you can enjoy the magical calm of Domaine de Baulieu, at the gates of Auch. A peaceful place in the middle of the Gers region, take the time for a coffee break or lunch at the estate's restaurant.

From 12 years


Opening from January 01, 2024 to December 22, 2024
Monday 09:00am to 22:00pm
Tuesday 09:00am to 22:00pm
Wednesday 09:00am to 22:00pm
Thursday 09:00am to 22:00pm
Friday 09:00am to 22:00pm
Saturday 09:00am to 22:00pm
Sunday 09:00am to 22:00pm

By reservation 48 hours in advance


Price for 3 to 6 people: from €20 to €30 Package for groups: €0
Price Min. Max.
Price from 3 to 6 people from 12 years old with adults 20€ 30€
Formula for groups on demand Free

Payment method

  • Credit card
  • French "Chèques vacances"
  • Cash



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  • Coach parking
  • Restaurant

Useful information

  • Minimum age: 12 years