“We” often say that to appreciate Auch and visit the city, getting lost in its streets is the ideal solution!

Some inhabitants are amateurs, even experts, in the matter! And how beautiful it is when a photographer local gets lost in our city and gives us his itinerary, in pictures, in a rather original way ... 


All of this portes are almost all located in the historic center ofLikewiseLionel LIZET captured them and made a poster of them that he is offering for sale: Oh the great gift idea!

A size - 50 x 70 cm (42 €) - is available at the Tourist Office in Auch ! It interests you ? here are the current opening hours of the tourist office (3, Place de la République in Auch). Other formats are available and you have to see with the artist.

Artist's words

“Whether they are dapper or crackling, moaning or whispering, double-turned or double-sided, slammed or held back, these doors are a face of Auch. In front, behind or in their embrasure, stories have been lived and will be lived. Depending on the weather, they are like airlock between the intimate and the visible, at the same time beginning, end and during.

Limits between an imaginary and the real.

It is therefore with respect that I assembled these doors. This colorful and warm mosaic represents for me a part, more modest certainly, but just as significant, of the history and of the Auscitan heritage.

Tour guide, ice cream, keys, or phone in hand ... a slightly attentive glance at one of these doors, and you easily dive into another time. So, listen a little and maybe hear sounds from another era and why not the confession of the door itself… " 

About the artist

Lionel Lizet

Lionel LIZET is a photographer specializing in institutional reporting and illustration, he also works on commission, in particular for interior decoration.


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The 21 September 2021