For nearly 40 years, the circus has been the breeding ground for artistic excellence in Auch.

The Pop Circus

In 1975, Father de Lavenère-Lussan initiated a circus workshop in the attic of the Oratory college where he taught. Today this school is one of the oldest circus school leisure centers in France. It remains based on an original pedagogy, based on transmission between young adults and children. She has trained many current circus professionals.

Circa pôle national


In the 80s, the Zavatta circus established its winter discount in Auch. It is in Auch that a preview of the show is given each year. At the same time, the Jeune Chambre Economique d'Auch created in 1987 a place to federate the Circus Schools of France and founded the CIRCA association.

The CIRCA Festival

Over the years, the concept of competition was abandoned in favor of educational exchanges around the circus arts. the festival now programs nearly 80 performances over ten days at the end of October.

circa Auch

A national circus arts center

In 2001, the cultural service of the city of Auch and the festival merged into a single service. In 2011 CIRCA obtains the label “National Pole of Circus Arts”. In 2012, the opening of the CIRC (Center for Innovation and Research Circacien) promotes the hosting of artists in creation or research residency under a marquee or in a hall and the distribution of live shows.

More History

To learn more about the stages that have made the history of the circus in Auch and the current recognition of the National Circus Pole in the national and international landscape, visit the website of CIRCa and click on “History”

Heritage & Culture

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March 6th, 2013