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Are you between 6 and 12 years old? So come and learn about history and architecture while having fun... For 2 hours you will discover, with the guides of the Pays d'art et d'histoire Grand Auch Coeur de Gascogne, a related theme or technique to our heritage, leaving room for your creative side!

Five workshops (discovery of a work in situ, followed by an artistic practice workshop) are offered, you will inevitably find what you are looking for:

* modeling workshop (from 6 years old): children discover the choir stalls of the cathedral. Their mission: to understand its function, discover the decorations and sculpted characters of the stalls, and learn about the bas relief technique. In the workshop, they create a clay sculpture, inspired by the bestiaries of the cathedral stalls.

* coat of arms workshop (from 6 years old): in the hall of the Illustrious of the town hall, children go to meet different coats of arms and coats of arms. Their mission: to learn to recognize them and understand their meaning. In order to unravel the secrets of this medieval art, they are introduced throughout the workshop to the techniques and rules of heraldry then create, on a shield, a coat of arms in their image.

* stone-carving workshop (from 6 years old): children will discover the art of stone-carving by walking through and observing the facades of the historic center. Their mission: to understand the different techniques, to know the difference between a cut stone and a sculpted decoration ... In the workshop, equipped with scissors and scribing points, they make a bas-relief in the manner of a tailor. rock.

* stained glass workshop (from 9 years old): children are introduced to the art of stained glass by discovering the stained glass windows of Arnaut de Moles in the cathedral. Their mission: to discover the function of stained-glass windows, to observe the characters, animals and decorations, then to understand the different stages in the manufacture of a stained-glass window. In the workshop, they carry out work in the manner of Arnaut de Moles on a small bay, using models and colored tracing papers.

* calligraphy and illumination workshop (from 6 years old): during this workshop, children learn the art of Gothic writing and illumination. They scrutinize the magic of ancient documents and then discover writing tools such as the calamus and the quill pen. They make the letters of their first name on parchment paper and decorate it with an ornate letter, drop caps, friezes, foliage ... and affix gold in the manner of illuminators of the Middle Ages.

These workshops are scheduled during school holidays.
The program of the Country of Art and History is available at the tourist office in Auch and at the Tourist Information Office in Castéra-Verduzan; downloadable online from www.auch-tourisme.com and the dates are communicated on the Pays d'art et d'histoire Facebook page.

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  • Minimum age: 6 years
  • Maximum age: 12 years old
  • Minimum group size: 12 person (s)