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Baludio are AUDIO PLAYBACKS, available as a podcast from your smartphone. You listen to them alone, with friends or with family, in complete autonomy and above all: at your own pace!

On guard! Ready for a fun dive into the world of the Musketeers with the children?

Through duels (without weapons!), Games of balance, reflex, observation, and cooperation, you will discover together the training of these elite soldiers devoted to the King.

With family...
Skip school with the family!
If the success of Alexandre Dumas' novel and swashbuckling films make the Musketeers easily identifiable, would you still know how to define them precisely? What roles did they have with the King? When did they serve the interests of the crown? How did the gentlemen enter this elite corps and how were they trained?

This family visit invites you to discover all these aspects of the life of the Musketeers in the form of small games of observation, balance, reflex, cooperation ...

Adults will also be able to find out more thanks to 6 podcasts dedicated to them.

Our advice: come dressed as a musketeer. A tutorial gives you tips and tricks to DIY a “homemade” jacket and get you in the mood.

Baludio offers other fun visits, notably around the musketeers in Lupiac and Condom, and around the street art works of Lombez.

For adults the format lasts 1h15 and for children 45 minutes.

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