In the Gers, the end of the meal has a scent of apples and armagnac that delights the most demanding taste buds.

A major element of Gascon heritage, gastronomy

Our foie gras and candied livers are well known and recognized, as are our wines (you have already savored a Côte de Gascogne, a Saint-Mont, a Tarriquet, or a Pacherenc) and other alcohols such as Floc or Armagnac. And the Gascon pastis, do you know?

This light and tender pastry, subtly golden puff pastry, garnished with scented apples of Armagnac, served lukewarm and sometimes accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The secret of lightness: the skill of the rare croustadières, these ladies who perpetuate a centuries-old know-how with uncertain origins.

Pastis gascon

The secrets of the croustadière

Its production remains artisanal. In Montaut-les-Créneaux, Madame Baptiste continues to make it with patience. On the markets du Gers, you can meet her. She can then tell you how patiently she stretches the dough on large tables until it becomes translucent. The thinner the dough, the better the croustade, the standard measure of pastis gascon being the bridal veil.

She will explain how the dough is cut, arranged in successive layers at the bottom of a mold: a cozy bed soon to be filled with apples flavored with a subtle blend of vanilla and armagnac.

Here is an overview of the manufacturing:

Where to find it?

You can find Gascon pastis in the best pastries, on the stalls of markets of the region, as well as in the menus of our fine restaurants.

Let's speak the truth !!

If the cake is unanimous, there is one point of discussion, its name: Croustade or pastis gascon?

To go further on the subject, we recommend reading the articles by Gersicotti Gersicotta "The Croustade, Pastis and Tourtière saga" (there are 5 articles) on blog. Unless you prefer to start with this one " The Croustade and the Pastis Gascon are not the same thing" page (in French).


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