If you don't know where the statues of Porthos, Athos, Aramis and d'Artagnan ...

They are ...

Condom! More precisely, these bronze statues were installed on the Place Saint-Pierre.

If for you, the pastis gascon, you can drink it ...

Oh no ... The pastis gascon it is a dessert, a pastry specialty from the Gers.

Didn't you come, if you didn't meet a single one roe all the way!

Indeed, there are many in the fields! And if by bad luck you didn't get a chance to see some, why not go deer watching here at The Houga deer farm.

If you don't know what occasions many wear the sailor...

For Pentecost in Vic-Fezensac!

Landes race, corrida, bandas, a packed weekend that takes place every year! and this is not the only party, every summer in the Gers there are festivals, such as the bandas in Condom!

You haven't seen any traffic jams ... I mean these ones:

Meet our winegrowers

Domaines viticoles


If you haven't found a wonderful spot to observe the Pyrenees...

Just for you, here are our top 5 places to see them:
1. The Sansan paleosite !
2. In second position ... the domain of Tucoulet !
3. Why not enjoy the sun and the Pyrenees on the monumental staircase of Auch !
4. Feeling hungry? Go there from Golf restaurant in Auch !
5. A little stroll? Try it Lagarrasic bridge located in front of rue Caumont in Auch!

And you, what is your top 5?

For you Armagnac, it is only to give a flavor to the pancakes ...

Come and taste a good Armagnac !

You don't know the taste of a duck well cooked!

I advise you to come and eat at the Hotel de France in Auch where the former restaurateur André Daguin, former Michelin-starred chef and “inventor” of duck breast, has practiced his profession!

If you've never seen this:

Brulot Roquelaure ©OT Auch Grand Coeur de Gascogne

That is the fire! A flambage of white Armagnac which traditionally announces the period of distillation of Armagnac in the farms of the Gers.

If for you the Lavardens castle is a castle like any other ...

A past steeped in history, a village ravaged by the plague, saved by enthusiasts of the 1960s, try to find out more about the Lavardens castle !

If you haven't seen a single stage of rugby during your trip ...

Auch, land of rugby and link with our national team! Indeed some big names of the XV of France come from the team in red and white of Auch, like Jacques Fouroux or, more recently, Gregory Alldritt, Pierre Bourgarit, Antoine Dupont. RCA a team that can go far!

If you think the Latin Tempo is a dance class ...

Tempo Latino is an Afro-Cuban and Latin music festival, created in 1993 in Vic-Fezensac, this scene has become international with more than 500 volunteers every year to welcome you! All the info on the Tempo Latino festival!

So you haven't come to the gascons ? Come ! You will discover even more!

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7 May 2020