Auch is the capital of Gers but also of Gascony! "Auch is the city"! Certainly… You are a family with children and the idea of ​​choosing a city as your holiday destination does not really reassure you !?

However, Auch is a “downright nice” destination for your family stays and leisure activities! Do you doubt it? We will make you want to come and greet d'Artagnan and more if you like!!

Escalier monumental_Auch en famille, avec des enfants

Learn while having fun !

In the series “Mum sucks the guided tours” we suggest them to you. heritage workshops with Aymeric or Elsa of the Land of Art and History, so that children can learn about history and architecture: making a coat of arms or a stained glass window, sculpture on clay or in the style of a tailor. rock ! And during this time, the parents discover the city and have a good time: isn't life good ?!

Explore Auch

Auch can also be visited while playing: it's called Explore Auch. Download the application (Apple or Android) or borrow a tablet for free at the tourist office. Follow in the footsteps of emblematic characters who will help you find the lost goose of Baptistou...

application Explore Auch, idée de jeu à faire avec les enfants pour découvrir la ville d'Auch

Investigate at the Museum of the Americas-Auch

It is THE meeting point for learning while having fun with children! With some booklets-games adapted to different ages in hand, children become real treasure seekers and older ones, investigators in search of a mystery object and its thief. The ideal opportunity to take a step back in time and discover pre-Columbian culture and Gascon culture!

Avec les enfants au Musée des Amériques–Auch

1 km on foot, it wears out, it wears out

With children, depending on their age, you will have the choice of hiking. The circuits of Auch and those in the surrounding area are available online (downloadable gpx) or on sale at the tourist office (€ 1 per hike sheet). Of course, take some precautions.
Departing from Auch, or from our must-see villages in the Gers such as Lavardens, Castelnau-Barbarens, Montaut-les-Creneaux, there is something to enjoy while walking. Open your eyes: the landscapes are sublime, take breaks, roll in the grass, take photos, breathe, count all the colors of nature.

fiche randonée

In addition, hiking is always an opportunity to picnic. For the respect of Mother Nature, bring garbage bags ...

If you want to be sure to stay in the shade and not to stray far from Auch, choose the Wood of Auch. It exists 3 marked trails as well as orienteering course. Or opt for the Saint-Cricq quarry and its two loops, and discover this exceptional natural heritage.

In a stroller? Borrow the Claude Desbons promenade in Auch, along the banks of the Gers (and it continues to Preignan).

Wet feet, hey!

For dipping, the Auch swimming pool is open all year round.

In Castéra-Verduzan (from June to September), about 20km from Auch, the leisure centre is ideal for a day out with the family. the lake of bathing is vast, the sandy or grassy beach also, as for the slide, it delights young and old! What if you are told that a graaaande aquazone waiting for you ? Laughs, slides, cries of joy and challenges guaranteed! And for tightrope walkers, it is also possible to do paddle boarding !

lac Castéra-Verduzan

OK !

In the series "driver if you're champion, press the mushroom", the quad and motorcycle in the middle of nature, allow take a deep breath on our steep paths, the same in electric scooter (on a guided walk in Auch or on a free walk in Pavia).

Take an electric scooter

We have tested for you electric scooters on the Vert en l’air website in Pavie!

Rent bikes in Roquelaure at Camping Le Talouch (even if you don't sleep there), and explore the roads of Gers! On Auch, Cyclomove provides VAE (Electricly Assisted Bicycles) and also bicycle seats and other equipment adapted for your child(ren).

For lovers of furry animals (and feathers ...)

Our Gers countryside is dotted with small farms who are waiting for you!

In Auch, the Cotton Farm welcomes you upon reservation for narrated walks and introduces you to the breeding of poultry, pigs and other farm animals.

At the Farm in Castéra in  Castelnau-Barbarens (go up to the village, it's charming) everything is arranged to let you guide in the operation. Meet the king of the Gers backyard: duck ! Other duck farms you also open their doors.

À A moment, come and see the donkeys of the Pyrenees at the Hitton farm. Pet the donkeys, attend the care or milking and taste the precious donkey milk. Cécile and Manu also cultivate aromatic plants; discover their artisanal soap factory. And the view over the Gers countryside is breathtaking ...

À Castera-Verduzan, Audrey young passionate breeder, invites you to visit her farm, her land and her black pig Gascon. She shares with you the anecdotes of her daily work on the Bidache farm. Perhaps you will have the chance to win one of these unforgettable vacation memories if you attend a birth...

Not to mention an activity that often hits the mark on vacation with the little ones: horseback riding in an equestrian center : the Auscitan Box and theBouscassé Stables are based in Auch and can't wait to get budding jockeys up and running!

Are we going to the park?

With the toddlers, you like to go to the park and enjoy the outdoor games.

In Auch, there are several and the way to reach them is rather pleasant: it is the Claude Desbons promenade : on foot, in a stroller, on a scooter, it's great ! Nearby car parks make it very easy to access. You will have the choice between the Couloumé park and  Ortholan Garden.

Moreover in Ortholan, every Thursday morning is market day: enough to stock up for picnics (find the other picnic and play areas in and around Auch).

You can doTree Climbing park 10km from Auch. From courses in the trees for teens and adults to mini-courses so that pitchouns can also experience their sensations in the air. From 8 years old, try your hand at paintball.

Paintball fille équipe rouge

Site Quad Concept in Auch also opens its doors to you to have fun in peace!

And if we played detectives...

In the summer, two of our seasonal offices welcome family escape game !

  • À Montaut-les-Créneaux, we open the doors to youescape game d'Artagnan : a cabinet with an exceptional collection on d'Artagnan is threatened by the river. You have 1 hour to solve the puzzles and thus save this collection.

Throughout the year, according to the programming of the Pays d'art et d'histoire, children will also be able to lead the investigation with the Clued'Auch. While traveling through the city of Auch and accessing various testimonies, you will have to solve puzzles in order to find the culprit of a 350-year-old case!

Auch with children also means parties and shows all year round!

All Tuesday evening in summer shows for all are offered in Auch.

The cultural season always gives pride of place to young audiences (children's shows are labeled " Circaouette Pirouette“). The Lez'Arts de la rue festival every year in June is ideal with children, and especially teenagers... And to be active all year round, it's this way !

Pirouette-Circaouette à Auch, pour les enfants

In the Gers, spot the Petit d'Artagnan!

And yes, it is in the Gers (in Lupiac, about forty km from Auch) that the most famous musketeer was born: d'Artagnan! The Petit d'Artagnan logo is affixed next to sites or activities specifically dedicated to or suitable for children. Look for it in guides or on websites and you won’t be wrong in your choices! There's even a way to see what's available in the entire Gers for families, it's here.

Need more info and personalized suggestions

The Grand Auch Coeur de Gascogne Tourist Office is at your service:

Psssit, before leaving this page, call your little one and watch this little preamble with him to start dreaming of holidays in the Gers:

Article updated January 2024

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