Hunt for passion, to occupy an autumn day or to unearth good deals... Here is the agenda for the month of May

Sunday 1st

  • Auch: Garage sale of bielles d'Auch: Garage sales and flea market
  • Auterive: Garage sales
  • Castelnau-d'Anglès: Garage sales
  • Cazaubon: Garage sale in Barbotan-les-thermes
  • Cologne: Garage sale
  • Courrensan (32): Garage sale, regional products market
  • Duran: Garage sale and farmers' market
  • Gaujan: Garage sale and crafts
  • Lannepax: Garage sales
  • Lectoure: Garage sales and flea market of the Local Festival
  • Lombez: Vide-jardin flower show organic market arts and crafts, plant market
  • Masseube: empty – attic
  • Plaisance: Instrument exchange and garage sale
  • Saint-Clar: Garage sale

Saturday 7

  • Dému: garage sale, garden sale Craft market local products, plant market
  • Lectoure: Brock'n'vinyl, stock market for collector's records
  • Miradoux: Garage sale and spring fair
  • Sainte-Dode: barter plants Saturday garage sale Sunday
  • Seissan: Flea markets

Sunday 8

  • Demu: garage sale
  • Fourcès: resumption and continuation of the monthly professional flea market
  • Gimont: Garage sales, Floralie and Sports fair
  • Lectoure: Brock'n'vinyl, stock market for collector's records
  • Lombez: Vide Grenier castle Barbet
  • Manciet: Spring Garage Sale
  • Mirepoix: Garage sale and garden sale
  • Saint-Blancard: Garage sale of La Gimone
  • Saint-Medard: Garage sale
  • Sainte-Dode: garage sales
  • Tillac: Garage sales Flea market
  • Tournecoupe: garage sale

Saturday 14

  • Eauze: Garage sale
  • Seissan: 10rd Antiques Fair

Sunday 15

  • Auch: Garage sale of the Condorcet school
  • Barran: Garage sale
  • Castéra-Lectourois: Floralies garage sales Regional products
  • Lias: Garage sales
  • Ligardes: Garage sale
  • Seissan: 10rd Antiques Fair

Saturday 21

  • Plaisance: Vide Grenier
  • Saint-Paul-de-Baïse: Flea market for bicycles, spare parts and accessories

Sunday 22

  • Beaumont: Garage sale
  • Caussens: Garage sale,
  • Estang: Flea market empty attic
  • Gaujan: Spring attic sale
  • The Houga: basketball garage sales
  • Marseillan: 3rd garage sale of the Marseillan festival committee
  • Mas-d'Auvignon: Garage sale, flea market
  • Roquefort: garage sales Maximômes sun festival
  • Saint-Germé: Empty dressing room
  • Saint-Sauvy: Garage sales

Thursday 26

  • Marciac: Fair for everything
  • Toujouse: garage sales of the ascent

Saturday 28

  • Escoreboeuf: Garage sale and garden
  • Lasseran: Garage sale
  • Solomiac: Garage sale and garden sale

Sunday 29

  • Mirande: Garage sale organized by the firefighters
  • Monlezun-d'Armagnac: garage sales and flea market
  • Saint-Orens-Pouy-Petit: Vide-Greniers of the Festival Committee
  • Ségoufielle: Garage sale of Ségoufielle

And to hunt near us, they welcome you all year round:
. A corner of the past in Castéra-Verduzan,
. Albert Antiques in Sainte-Christie

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