In spring 2024, the tourist office updated its information screens in Auch and installed new screens in Castéra-Verduzan.

Historical review

When the office opened in 2016 in Auch, several digital systems were put in place. Some needed updating.

  • THEoffice home screen which provides basic information for visitors: weather, today's events, etc. was damaged due to long hours of use and the update system was outdated.
  • La touch screen terminal on the facade had not achieved the expected success and had also suffered from prolonged exposure to the sun.

Since 2017, it had also become apparent that a device was necessary on the desk of Castera-Verduzan.

Finally, the change of departmental SIT (tourist information system) in 2024 made it possible to set up a new, more modern system, with a diary automatically populated from the database (such as the office website).

The 2024 project

In Auch

In Auch, we had the terminal replaced with a high-quality screen, specially chosen to fit behind a window.

We have also implemented a new screen inside from the desk behind reception (similar to a domestic TV).

In Castéra-Verduzan

In Castéra, we installed a new screen behind the office window (O'Verduzan bar side).

And in partnership with the town hall, a 4th screen was installed at the town hall.

Information screen update system

Behind all the screens, we add mini PCs. Connected to the internet, it includes an application specially developed by the company Widji DN Consultant. It then allows centralized updating from a web application.

This system allows planning of displays, automatic integration diary, the automatic publication of the weather forecasts. This new management method greatly simplifies the work of members of the office team.

And tomorrow

The deployment is being finalized at the tourist office, but the system is designed so that local tourism stakeholders who wish can subscribe and have information screens mixing information updated by the tourist office as well as information related to their structure.

The prices of the solution are available on their website (with the player for purchase or rental) and a special offer can be considered in the case of a partnership with the tourist office.

For more information contact Silvan at 05 62 05 95 05 or by email at: sylvain.pechcontal[a]

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21st June 2024