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Gers treasure: Saint-Arailles

Away from the bastides and castelnaux road, stands on a rocky outcrop, a village of 150 inhabitants which has kept its medieval soul and its rustic tranquility.

A castelnau with ancient history

The fortified village of Saint-Arailles dates from the 1283th century and in addition to a recently found notarial deed attesting to the existence of the village in XNUMX, there are numerous testimonies to past history. The village is almost entirely surrounded by ramparts typical of a Gascon castelnau and have been relatively well preserved despite the bad weather.

Two gate towers, or "porches", allow access to the village, one to the east which has lost its upper room, a dovecote, visible in old photos, and the other to the west whose construction still includes a floor pierced with two archers, sort of loopholes for shooting with a bow or crossbow. THE'Saint-Barthélémy church Overhanging the west door is remarkable since it comprises a typical bell tower wall of which the older of the two bells weighs no less than 300kg and a canopy with pegged frame.

South of the village, the chapel of Our Lady of Brétous, a 17th century building, was listed as a historical monument on December 1943, XNUMX. The village cemetery where there are many graves of residents who were resistant during World War II, as well as a source whose medical virtues were once praised for those who suffered from eyes or rheumatism, adjoin the chapel.

Not far from there, at the edge of the woods, hide caves that would not have been inhabited. On the road to the chapel of Brétous, the Gallo-Roman pile de la Turraque du Merlieu, and the wash house with its pretty wooden frame are also worth seeing.

To the north-west, the village also hosts a castle (now private property), that of Saint-Jean-d'Anglès, which belonged to the Barry family until the end of the XNUMXth century and whose six-pole dovecote from the XNUMXth century is sumptuous.

Château Saint-Jean-d'Anglès

A preserved natural territory

The village also has an exceptional natural environment. Rich in its limestone soils, Saint-Arailles is a village where many wild orchids which made the valley famous. This exception made the place a site Natura 2000 classified which allows the identification and preservation of this fragile floral species. Wooded areas host Bats like the horseshoe bat or Bechstein's vespertilion which can be observed during summer nights.

To enjoy the exceptional landscapes available to you, nothing like a Trek. A 4km loop leaves the village to tour the small heritage mentioned above and allows you to walk quietly, with family or friends, in the rolling hills which border Saint-Arailles. For the bravest, a 13km hike will give you the opportunity to visit the surrounding villages.

An indisputable sweetness of life

The village of Saint-Arailles remains a picturesque place, away from known tourist circuits. Appreciable for its silence and the scenery that it will provide you, the village also comes to life, especially during the summer period, thanks to the many associations it houses. Rhythmic to the sounds of the local party or pétanque nights, Saint-Arailles is a place that knows how to be appreciated, both residents of Gers and tourists.

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Heritage & Culture

. Campaign . Castelnau. Chateau . Gers. Saint-Arailles


22st June 2014