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In the wood of Auch, this 1600 m course is dotted with 17 workshops.

Located a stone's throw from the city center of Auch, capital of the Gers, the Bois d'Auch (110 hectares) is a privileged place to walk for the beauty and tranquility of the place in all seasons.

Located in the southern part of the Bois, the vitality course is a 1660 m path to be covered as you wish depending on your activity: walker, jogger. It is punctuated by 17 exercise workshops accessible to users with a minimum height of 1.40 m.

This fitness trail is an excellent idea for a place to run in Auch and will delight both occasional and accomplished athletes, who will be able to relax, sit up, jump over hurdles ...

If you are looking for other places to walk in Auch, go along the banks of the Gers on the promenade Claude Desbons. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the upper town, its majestic cathedral and the Tower of Armagnac.

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  • Distance: 1.66 km
  • Roaming duration: 1 hour (s)
  • Type of route: Walking