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This route takes you along the path to "Calvary" near which was an old leper cemetery in Sasian. Only a wooden cross maintains the memory of these cagots.

At a place called "Le Chalet", you will discover an exceptional panorama over the Pyrenees and the village. The Bois de la Paguère then is a haven of freshness on summer days. Further on, before reaching the Domaine des Claux, the Bois de Labesse woods with the valley that you will follow, is also a place of serenity.

1- On the square (nearby, esplanade and tower of the old 1th century castle), take the paved road to Calvary for about 200 km. On your right, at a place called Sasian, a wooden cross, continue straight ahead, at the crossroads turn left then 626m to the right on a stony path, pass in front of the water tower and go down towards the farm "Hourontan". Pass in front of the farm (beautiful point of view) and the path leads you through the woods to the En Forgue domain (palombières… do not make noise). Take the tarmac road to the right and reach the D XNUMX.
2- Turn right, direction Castelnau-Barbarens and continue for 800m.
3- Then climb the alley of the Le Pastre farm to the left. Go around it on the left then take the path for about 500m.
4- Turn left and pass in front of the alley of the Tuquette farm-inn. Continue on the small road for 600m.
5- Turn right on the path that runs along the woods (picturesque valley), pass in front of the alley of the Domaine des Claux (accommodation for riders and horses). Continue straight on the road which leads to the D 40.
6- Turn right to return to the village along the road.
7- At the height of an artistic mushroom, turn left. Cross the D626 and climb the path opposite. Then take rue de St Roch to the right and turn left at Porte du Pont Levis. Go up the street to the right to find your starting point.

A little visit is required before leaving ...
Castelnau-Barbarens has retained its aspect of a medieval hilltop town, overlooking the Arrats valley.
Come stroll through its alleys to discover its pousterles, its embans, its many half-timbered houses, or even its traces of gate towers.

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  • Distance: 10.00 km
  • Roaming duration: 3 hour (s)
  • Type of route: Walking
  • Type of route: Walks and Hikes (PR)
  • Type of route: MTB
  • Type of route: Electric mountain bike