Between Auloue and Baïse, the vestiges of the past, moilins and old stones tell a page of history.

Departure: Parking behind the town hall of Castéra-Verduzan.

1- Walk along the Parc Lannelongue gate, rue des Ecoles and turn left rue de Bissins, cross the old railway line, continue straight on until you reach a perpendicular road.
2- Turn left then 1st right by the short hill. Be careful, take the path that goes down to the left before the hamlet and follow it between two fields. Respect the signs and go down towards the small road where you walk for 300m (Baquemorte house on the right).
3- In the bend, leave the road, the PR3 passes between two hedges.
4- Turn right at the end of the hedges and go up towards the edge of the small wood. The path climbs to turn left at the top then right after a hundred meters. Join a small asphalt road; Take it by turning right (Maison la République on the right). You are there on the ridge line between the Auloue river and the Baïse.
5- Steep descent, cross the road you meet at the bottom and go up opposite on the dirt road. Follow it straight ahead, up to the old windmill. Beautiful point of view from this private place to respect. Go down this valley to go up the next one. The indication "Castet Bielh" mentions on your left the old fortified castle, only one wall persists at fifty meters.
6- The PR3 goes down by the small road, beautiful viewpoint on Verduzan and its church). In the old cemetery, admire a XNUMXth century cross dedicated to Saint-Laurent. (IMH).
7- The trail passes between houses in the hamlet of Comté and joins the starting loop.

At the end of this walk, let yourself be tempted by a well-being break at the Castéra-Verduzan thermal baths, in the center of the village.


In detail

  • Distance: 6 km
  • Roaming duration: 2 hour (s)
  • Type of route: Walking
  • Type of route: Walks and Hikes (PR)
  • Type of route: MTB
  • Type of route: Electric mountain bike