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Hike rich in built heritage, such as the Château de Roquefort, the chapel of Arcamont.

Put on your sneakers for a hike rich in built heritage, such as the Château de Roquefort, the chapel of Arcamont.

1- From the church of Roquefort, take the dirt road (North) which winds through a cultivated area towards Puységur (GR de Pays Cœur de Gascogne, yellow / red markings), 1,5 km later, leave the GRP ( by following the GRP, you arrive at Puységur 1,8 km AR).

2- Take the path to the left which passes near an old mill. Continue on the left by the road and arrive at the D177 along the wood of Puységur on the right.

3- There, cross and take the path opposite to “Gouté”. Go past the farm and follow the tarmac road for a few meters.

4- Immediately take the path to the left, cross the stream L'Ourlan (possibility of joining the PR of Peyrusse-Massas by turning to the right towards "Le Moussou") and continue straight until the road that you take at left. Go past "Bellevue".

Variation: Continue straight ahead, turn left towards "Encrabé", cross the Ourlan stream and follow the path
which leads to the communal pond. Cross the D177 to return to the church.

5- Fork right towards “le Bigourdan”. Take the dirt road on the left between the house and the barn (please respect the area), pass near a lake and cross the Talouch stream.

6- Continue towards "En Sajas", leave the farm on your right and go straight on along the municipal road.

7- At the intersection, go down to the left in the direction of Gers, pass in front of the Arcamont chapel.

8- Cut the alley of the castle of Arcamont (private), continue opposite by the path (tower of the castle on the right). Cross the Talouch stream and continue straight on by the road.

9- Take the D177 on the left (GRP), pass the castle on your right then the cemetery on the left. Join the church.

Less than 3 km from your starting point, discover the Lailhou domain in the small village of Sainte-Christie. Let yourself be tempted by a tasting of Côtes de Gascogne wines (to be consumed in moderation).

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In detail

  • Distance: 13.50 km
  • Roaming duration: 3 hour (s)
  • Type of route: Walking
  • Type of route: Walks and Hikes (PR)
  • Type of route: MTB
  • Type of route: Electric mountain bike