Tourist routes


Departure route: parking at the Mouzon room on rue du Général de Gaulle.
1- When leaving the car park, turn right, cross the bridge then at the traffic lights turn right onto avenue Pierre de Montesquiou. Continue straight on until the junction at the bend, there cross and take the road opposite towards "Lycée de Lavacant".

2- Continue on this road until the outskirts of PAVIE. When you reach the crossroads opposite the stadium, just before the XNUMXth century bridge, listed as a Historic Monument, on your right, turn left towards AUTERIVE and PESSAN. Then take the first road on the right towards AUTERIVE or PEYLOUBERE. Continue this road for a few kilometers. At the next junction, turn right.

3- Then at the crossroads of the D181, turn right towards AUTERIVE.

4- Cross the bridge then the village continuing straight. Once you have crossed the village, at the crossroads of the D929, cross the departmental road to take the small road opposite, which passes at the foot of the statue of the Virgin. Pass in front of the cemetery. Continue, then at the first crossroads turn left, direction LASSEUBE-PROPRE. At the next junction, continue to the left until a roundabout, then take the road opposite, direction "Mairie".

5- Once in front of the church, take the road that goes down to the left of the church, direction “les Gîtes du Conté”. Continue straight ahead, then at the first junction, continue straight ahead towards SAINT-JEAN LE CONTAL, "les Gîtes du Conté". Pass in front of a lake on the left, then a lake on the right.

6- At the next intersection, turn left towards “DURBAN”, “SAINT-JEAN LE COMTAL”. Continue until the next intersection where you have to take the small road on the right, direction "Chapelle Es Vivès". Go past this chapel, continue to the next crossroads and take the road that climbs to the right (be careful, this road can only be seen at the last moment), direction "Le Vert en l'air, acrobatic park". Pass the paintball site which is on the left, then turn left at the next intersection; walk past the restaurant La Fenière. Continue straight on until you come back to PAVIE.

7- At the crossroads of Chemin de Fleurian, turn left, pass in front of the school, and at the red light turn left. Cross the center for a few hundred meters, then turn right just before the Town Hall towards “Lycée de Lavacant” and “Pont du XIIIe”. Continue straight ahead, cross the XNUMXth century bridge then take the road on the left towards the "Lycée Lavacant". From there, take the same route as on the outward journey.

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In detail

  • Distance: 23.00 km
  • Roaming duration: 1 hour (s)
  • Type of route: Touring cyclist
  • Type of route: MTB
  • Type of route: Electric mountain bike
  • Route type: Electric bike



In rainy weather - Pavia


Restaurant - Saint-Jean-le-Comtal


- Castelnau-Barbarens