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Barely 10km from Auch, you will observe the castle and the quarry on this rather sporty 8,4 km loop.

Barely 10km from Auch, you can see the castle and the quarry on this rather sporty 8,4 km loop.
Arriving from Auch, enter the center of Montégut. Once in front of the church, take the road opposite and get off. Turn right at the intersection in the direction of "the playground".

1- Take the direction of the signs indicating the beginning of the trails then cross the small bridge. Follow the red arrows throughout the circuit.

2- Take a right onto the secondary road and at the intersection continue in the left lane.

3- Take the dirt road which emerges on your right.

4- Continue straight ahead and go around the field.

5- Cross the road and take the path that climbs towards the forest in front of you.

6- When leaving the forest, go left to bypass the meadow.

7- Walk along the electricity pylon and turn right 200 meters further.

8- Take a direct left.

9- Go back down the path and continue slightly to the left until you get back on the road.

10- Continue on the right.

11- Take the left path between the houses and go down to the playground.

When you return from your walk, let yourself be seduced by the village of Montégut; old medieval castelnau, perched on a rocky promontory.

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In detail

  • Distance: 8.40 km
  • Roaming duration: 2 hour (s)
  • Type of route: Walking