7 steps for 7 wonders!

Le Museum of the Americas - Auch offers its visitors to take a ticket for a time and space travel. The adventure does not end in the distance Pre-Columbian America, but extends into theEgypt of the Pharaohs to end at heart of Gascony.

Seventh step: The phases of light by Jean-Louis Rouméguère

Les phases de la lumière

The ten paintings represent the effects of light on landscapes at different times of the day. These small formats (27 cm x 19 cm) give a sensation of Immensity thanks to the light reflecting on landscapes. They are framed together: “the proximity of the canvases, far from harming another, should on the contrary promote it”.

In addition to the phases of light, the large formats, the pocket notes of Rouméguère transcribe a harmony of color tones like the musical notes also forming a range.

Jean-Louis Rouméguère, the Lover of Light

“My school is the truth and I don't care whether I belong to someone else at the same time. The old and modern prejudices do not interest me and I want to continue to ignore them always ”.

Such is the profession of faith of this Gascon artist who took only one painting lesson in his life and who exhibited at Hall of the Independents where he rubbed shoulders with the Fauves and the Cubists.

Born in Auch in 1863, Rouméguère, eager for freedom, after running away to Algeria, a stay in a reformatory, desert the army in 1886 to flee to Italy where he will live scantily from his painting that he signs Ayram Luigi. Returning to France after the amnesty law, he graduated from dental school in 1894 and moved into the family home near the herb market. He divides his time between painting, the cabinet and the manufacture of liqueurs and toiletries. This curious alchemy led him to the development of what he called "scientific painting" whose principle is based on thecolor harmony.

Le jardin et l'entrée du Musée des Amériques–Auch

First exhibitions

He exhibited in Toulouse in 1905, a series of ten paintings summarizing his research on the effect of light at different times of the day on a landscape. The following year, he went to Paris and presented 156 paintings. The press is unanimous. Georges Lemoyne, art critic hails him as “the lover of light”.

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March 21th, 2015