A cultural project in the countryside

An association located at Jegun a few kilometers from Auch, created in 1998 on the theme of creation and culture in the open fields! Take two actors, Dimitri Votano et Cyril Puertolas, add an ambitious and surprising project, you will get La Petite Pierre.

Where does this name come from

The association of Small stone takes its name from the place where it has established its domicile, the locality peyrette ! A barn, a workshop and a chapel renovated to give life to a gite and to accommodate the troupes of actors: 3 rehearsal rooms as well as all the exteriors currently under the responsibility of Claire Garnier.

Claire Garnier

You can find an interview with Claire Garnier director of the association la Petite Pierre on the radio France Blue Occitanie / Gers. How did she find out about the association, how did she join it, the values ​​of the association: everything is there!

A successful bet!

Their goal, should I say their challenge, was to create a cultural place in the countryside, organize shows, festivals with the desire to be supported by the town halls, the department of Gers, the community of municipalities, as well as the Region in order to establish the culture as political commitment. And it is a successful bet!

Today is over 30 teams, 10 teams in festivals per year, just as many in season and a dozen in creation residency including 15 in residence at the Petite Pierre. Each year, La Petite Pierre offers you shows on its place but also in the villages, in unusual spaces, as well as a festival, “Les P’tits Mousse” every year in May accompanied by nearly 100 volunteers.

La Petite Pierre Kiroul does not collect moss ...

La Petite Pierre Kiroul Does not collect moss !

A sentence that says it all, some explanations:

  • La Petite Pierre, obviously refers to the association presented above, but what about Kiroul does not collect moss ?
  • Kiroul ? Kiroul … But of course Kiroul ! Created in 1998 by our two actors Dimitri Votano et Cyril Puertolas, this company participates in the actions carried out by La Petite Pierre by following the same values, cultivation in the open fields ! Became an autonomous association in 2005, it is however permanently welcomed to the project of the Small stone.
  • “Don’t gather moss!” » : organized by Petite Pierre, this is the name of the festival which, for 23 years, took place in the village of Castera-Verduzan (with performances and theater, dance and music workshops).
  • “Les P’tits mousses” : since 2020, a new festival organized by children for children has emerged in Jegun. Les P'tits moussent is a festive day to enjoy as a family with shows for young audiences, games, workshops, an open stage, etc.

More information

Throughout 2024, several meetings are offered by Petite Pierre. Here are some dates:

  • February 13 and 14: first P'tits moussent meeting
  • April 27: show – My new shoes
  • May 10: exit from residence – Never without her
  • June 1 and 2: 4th Les P'tits moussent festival
  • September 28 and/or 29: show – Le Pédé
  • October 11: show – Cosmic Care
  • December 5 or 6: concert show – L’école belle

To reach La Petite Pierre
158 chemin de la Petite Pierre, 32360 Jégun
05 62 68 19 00
Or go to their website !

Article proposed by Nolwenn, intern in 2020 – updated February 2024


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19 May 2020