In a way, we can say that the magret was born in Auch. It took him a few years for his consumption to “take off”! And what a take-off, since it quickly dethroned the duck product that had until then been the flagship of French and Gascon tables: the confit!

It was in 1959 that André DAGUIN invented the dish from its establishment at the Hôtel de France in Auch.

THEHotel de France *** still exists and its table is called The Great Hall.

Magret comes from the word “magre” which comes from lean in Occitan. In her edition “Les Carnets de Julie avec Thierry MARX” which you can still see until December 24, 2016 in Replay, Julie explains to us thehistory of duck breast with a small, colorful and very instructive lesson (4'30" on the video).

Then, as usual, she travels to the source and the secrets of the dish are told thanks to the meeting with André DAGUIN in Auch itself (6'11 ”on the video), in the kitchen and also in the presence of the current Chef of the Hôtel de France: Vincent CASASSUS.


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On December 22th, 2016: