Your tourist office, and many companies in the Gers, are committed to sustainable development initiatives. In your turn, during your holidays, adopt eco-responsible gestures!

On my place of stay



Slowtourism indicator

Since 2012, the Gers has identified the actors of a “true” tourism that respects the environment, a follower of “slow tourism” so that you can spend eco-responsible holidays. It is an indicator that will guide you in your choices.

During my visits and my outdoor activities

  • I respect the natural environment, and I do not leave cigarette butts and waste.
  • I follow the marked trails.
  • I help maintain the cleanliness of the sites.
  • Finally, after the effort, I choose the comfort of a shower rather than a bath.
  • I do not collect wildlife.
  • On a picnic or on a walk, I prefer gourds to bottles and cans.
  • When walking, hiking, I don't light a fire.

I respect the playground that nature has lent me!

Nature / Hiking

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The August 30 2021