Gascon is the language of the Gers!

Occitan, or langue d'oc, is a native Latin language spoken in five regions in the south of France. It is also found in the Italian alpine valleys and in the Val d'Aran in Spain. Six main dialects are identified, the gascon.


Widely used in writing in the Middle Ages, theEdict of Villers-Cotterêts imposes French as the official language of public life in 1539. It was then generalized schooling from the end of the XNUMXth century that imposed French as the main language of communication. The family transmission Gascon will be interrupted after the Second World War.

At the same time, it was in the XNUMXth century that a unified spelling of the Occitan language developed. Actions to defend the language and this culture are launched simultaneously. In 2008, article 75-1 of the French Constitution recognizes that: “Regional languages ​​belong to the heritage of France”.

In Auch, the Museum of the Americas – Auch presents a Gascon collection which bears witness to the popular arts and traditions of the Gers.

A language and a culture taught

Schools are now developing a bilingual education French-Occitan. In addition, many students benefit from optional education, introductory courses or training sessions. awareness of the Occitan language and culture.

Le Departmental Council of Gers designed a quiz on Occitan (the answers), nursery rhyme albums, a resource center for teachers or a game / animation " Questions for a Gascon "!

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A living language

Think you don't know or speak Occitan?
However, on a daily basis you use words and expressions originating from this language which is still very much alive!

A little general vocabulary

  • Adishatz : hello or goodbye
  • Go fart : go to a very remote place. "Tomorrow, are you going to fart in Bordeaux?" "
  • Astiau : disgusting. Also qualifies a painful person.
  • Bader : remain speechless. "Your sister, she won't stop badgering him". "Bader the crows".
  • Jerk off : correction. “Last Saturday, the Stadium gave the Parisians a severe blow! "
  • Cadade : bullshit. "I made a monumental cagade".
  • Bitches : laziness. “I have one of these cagnes today! "
  • Chania : to die / to tire. "I am completely fucked up".
  • Mule Cap : stubborn. “What a mulo cape, he won't change his mind. "
  • Capture : understand. “There, I did not capture everything. "
  • Chestnuts : fight, from Occitan "castanha", chestnut. "Tonight, there will be the castagne".
  • Hope : astonish. "Mash, you're hoping for me there!" "
  • Not too : (pronounced pass 'tropp'), not much, not too much. "Do you want a lot? No not too much ".
  • Snort : snore. “He's been snarling since 3 in the afternoon. "
  • Chapper : eat a lot). "What is he missing ..."
  • Charrer : talk, discuss. “We worked for two hours. »« What are you doing? "
  • Chi : nothing. "I pick up * tchi ​​there. "
  • Cheating* : to drink a lot). "They chugged like holes!" "
  • Tranquilou : calmly. “We're going to go there quietly. "

Expressions and exclamations!

  • A visto de nas : at the pifometer.
  • Boudiu! expression of surprise or annoyance. "Boudiu it's hot today".
  • Hey and well, well.
  • Hilary bitch! expression of surprise, indignation.
  • Macarel! Macaniche! expression of marked surprise.
  • Milodioùs! expression of nervousness.
  • What are aquò? What is it ?
  • Tè! take ! Expression of surprise. "Hey, are you there? "

* "Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation"

Discovering Auch

Since 2018, the Grand Auch Coeur de Gascogne tourist office and the Grand Auch Art and History Country have been offering a "Strolling" tour guide in Occitan : PASSEJADA COR DE VILA AUSH.

Heritage & Culture

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