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Towns and villages

Discover Auch and the villages of the greater Auch area

Auch and its surrounding villages form the greater Auch area. This is the administrative and historic heart of the Gers and of Gascony. Its location at a crossroads has encouraged its development through the centuries.

It is believed that human activity began in the Auch area some 400,000 years ago. Before the Roman conquest, the area was occupied by the Auscii, who traded with Rome. They were taken over by the Romans in 56 AD.

During medieval times, as Christianity developed, the number of churches increased, as did the number of stopovers for religious pigrims along the Way of Saint James. In the second half of the 11th century, a number of fortified villages, or castelnaux, were built: Castelnau-Barbarens, Montégut, and Montaut-les-Créneaux are all examples. Here, the housing was grouped within walls to defend the population against the rampant uncertainties of the times.

In the 15th century, the Armagnac earldom became part of the royal lands. It was in the 18th century that the intendant D'Etigny decided to make Auch the capital of Gascony and to build it up to its present state.

Since then, Auch has continued to be enhanced and enriched, and its terrirtory is now - we hope you will agree - the best surprise of the southwest!



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Auch, c’est la capitale du Gers et de la Gascogne, la...

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