Party in Auch and Gascony



The market stalls of the village are a meeting place for gourmet food lovers.

Every day, the area's traditional markets offer a taste of the gourmet Gers countryside: poultry, preserved duck, duck breast, garlic, melon and Gascony pastis, a flaky apple pie.  

Marché - un étale


  • Monday : Mirande
  • Tuesday : Masseube
  • Wednesday: Pavie, Jegun
  • Thursday: Auch (en basse ville), Miélan
  • Friday: Seissan
  • Saturday: Auch (en haute ville), Mirande
  • Sunday: Bassoues, Castéra-Verduzan

The fattened duck and goose market:

Duck and goose markets take place from November to March. Foie gras appears on the market in October and is available until the end of June, particularly in Gimont.

Enjoy these fresh, high-quality livers. You will recognise the quality by a uniform appearance, taut membrane and firm yet supple texture. The colour can vary from golden yellow to pinkish beige or light yellow, depending on the feed that was given to the bird. It is recommended to bring an insulated bag to make sure your foie gras is conserved in optimal conditions.

  • Monday: Samatan from the first Monday of November to the last Monday of March
  • Tuesday: Fleurance from the second Tuesday of October to the last Tuesday of March
  • Wednesday: Gimont from the first Wednesday of October to the last Wednesday of June
  • Friday: Seissan from the first Friday of November to the last Friday of March
  • Sunday: Gimont from the first Sunday of November to the last Sunday of March and Eauze from the first Sunday in November to the last Thursday of February

Watch the documentary on the fattened duck and goose market of Samatan



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