Cultural heritage


In Gascon, Mirepoix is ​​called "mirepech", resulting from "mire" looks and "pech" summit.
The origin of the village dates back to the XNUMXth century, around the castle built at that time. Originally, it belonged to the Pardailhan then later bought by the Mirabeaus and finally sold to the Batz family.
The village is mainly agricultural and located in the appellation area "Haut Armagnac" where the wine tradition remains ...

Batz castle (15-16th century): bought by the Batz family in 1761, of which d'Artagnan is one of the most illustrious descendants. It is a large freestone building. Inside is a remarkable stone staircase, with a beautiful front door.

The Saint-Jean-Baptiste church: inside is installed in an XNUMXth century frame and adorned with a royal crown offered by Louis XV to the Lord of Batz, a canvas representing Saint-Jean Baptiste.

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