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Located on a rocky outcrop in the heart of Gascony and a few minutes north of Auch towards Condom, the village of Lavardens is a castelnau built around its feudal castle and its church. They form a harmonious and balanced whole in an environment of hills where cultivated fields rub shoulders with wooded areas.

"Lavardens, a slow and committed community! It belongs to the network of the national label Les Plus Beaux Villages de France"

During your visit, discover:

* The Château de Lavardens, listed as a historical monument since 1961, XNUMXth-XNUMXth century. Stronghold of the Counts of Armagnac, the Château de Lavardens was rebuilt by Marshal Antoine de Roquelaure, faithful companion of Henri IV. Generously rewarded for his services, old husband in second marriage of a very young woman Suzanne de Bassabat, he undertook the work of this castle out of love for her.
To visit the castle, refer to the opening periods and hours.

* The Church of Saint-Michel: the bell tower is classified as a Historic Monument. All that remains of the old construction is the chevet, the bell tower and the Notre-Dame chapel.
The bell tower (originally a medieval tower on three levels) was completed late with a construction (XVI-XVII centuries). This more recent device can be clearly distinguished above the clock.

Through the town also discover the mills of Enjourdan, the twin mills of Sainte-Marie, the washhouse of Parat, the Iron Cross, the Sainte-Marie Chapel ...

In July and August do not miss the traditional night markets of the village ... Meet the local artisans and producers through the picturesque alleys and taste their fresh products while enjoying the concert that is being played before your eyes ...

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