Cultural heritage, CULTURAL HERITAGE


This garden invites to a bucolic break, a cool break when summer comes ... The place inspires tranquility, many walkers looking for inspiration like to come and sit on the benches and removable deckchairs are available to leave room for contemplation too ...

Flower beds adorn this space shaded by remarkable trees in an atmosphere of meditation, accentuated by the presence of the old chapel.

The Jérôme Cuzin Center is the former chapel of the Auch seminary, the construction of which took place from 1846 to 1866, under the Second Empire. It became the barracks of the 88th Infantry Regiment in 1905 before being used as a military hospital.
Ceded to the town after the First World War, it became an art and archeology museum on June 6, 1920. The museum was transferred to the Jacobins. The chapel will be converted into a cultural center in 1992.

The park consists of a dry garden, an island of freshness, a playground. It is adorned with remarkable trees such as the large-flowered Magnolia (Magnolia Grandiflora), the Japanese Maple, the Judean tree (Cercis Silisquastrum), the chestnut tree and the palm tree.
There are beds of Hydrangeas, Abelias, heather and beds of Mediterranean plants (Aphodéline, Lippia, Variegated Lamier, Verbena, Miscanthus and Lavatère).



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