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Built on the foundations of a Roman villa, Pavie is a 2th century medieval bastide with a population of 000 today. It was founded in 1281 by Count Bernard IV of Astarac and Abbot Hugues de Cadeux of the Abbey of Berdoues. Long rival of Auch, which is located a few kilometers to the north, Pavia began its decline at the end of the Hundred Years War when it served as a base for troops of "road", brigands who scoured the entire region. The medieval bridge dating from the XNUMXth century is a must in this charming town. Gothic in style, it has been destroyed and restored many times, access is now prohibited for heavy vehicles so as not to damage it. The Notre-Dame-du-Cédon chapel, rebuilt in the XNUMXth century, was once a pilgrimage center. Every year at the beginning of May takes place the Trad'Envie, a festival of traditional music and songs. In September, the “Plein les Feuilles” festival takes place in a meadow and undergrowth, on the theme “Live & Nature”. Village of the Country of Art and History of Grand Auch, guided tours are offered by guide-lecturers (all year round for groups by reservation, according to a calendar for individuals). All dates and information are available from the Grand Auch tourist office.

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