Cultural heritage, CULTURAL HERITAGE


Proudly perched on its rocky outcrop, the first stone of Castelnau was laid in the 200th century. The village, proud to have one of the most beautiful and oldest country maples in France (over XNUMX years old), watches over the Auloue plain (a tributary of the Baïse which itself flows into the Garonne.

"Ordan-Larroque, a slow and committed municipality! It belongs to the network of the national Villes et Villages Fleuris label"
Village 4 flowers since 1999 including a distinction at the Grand Prix du Fleurissement in 2006.
Since then, the municipality has regularly confirmed these distinctions.
For the remarkable enhancement of its built heritage and the harmonious and exceptional use of plants, it has been awarded the following labels: Eco School, Trois feuilles, Terre Saine, 4 fleurs and Zéro phyto (in 2019).

The Roman era, very flourishing, provided Ordan with numerous vestiges such as the Gallo-Roman villas including that of Cassan where the excavations made it possible to bring together, in the municipal conservatory, a rich collection of the past (from July to September from 10 a.m. to 13 p.m. and from 15 p.m. to 19 p.m.).

Discover the two Gallo-Roman piles: Pancaran and Peyrelongue, along the Roman road known as Caesar (road also taken by Louis XIV in 1660 to get to Saint-Jean de Luz to marry Marie-Thérèse, the Infanta of Spain ).

The church of Ordan, whose foundation is as old as that of the village (9th century), has XNUMX windows including a rose window.

To see also, the church of Saint-Jean de Bazillac, typical of very old Gascon churches with bell-towers.

Friends hikers, go for a walk on a 9km walking path in the footsteps of pilgrims (or 6.5km for the variant) starting from the church.

Finally, since 2003, the Culture et Loisirs association in the Village has organized Rare Plants Day every second Sunday in October.
More than 40 nurserymen, producers and collectors favoring organic or sustainable cultivation methods, present rare or forgotten plants.
This meeting, recognized at the level of the Great South West, welcomes more than 4000 visitors each year.

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