Cultural heritage, CULTURAL HERITAGE


Sensation of walking in the countryside (depth and perspective) with a main axis of silver lime trees giving a breathtaking view of the cathedral and the tower of Armagnac. This perspective which is the axis of construction of the park, constitutes the junction between the new town and the old part of Auch.

This park is composed in the English style with a set of collections of several genera with many species and cultivars. It is a natural (or rural) flowering due to eco-responsible management. Large grassy strips are left under the malls of lime trees and oaks, so the herbaceous layer can develop there.

> English influence
Return to nature, integrating perfectly with the landscape. Use of aisle curves, perspectives. Tree plantations in quantity and in groups, in order to recreate a natural space. Play of shadows and light: the objective is to imitate nature by letting the herbaceous layer develop along the edges of the ditches.

> Wild orchids
Among the most common, we can observe: Orchis pyramidalis, Orchis purple, Orchis with loose flowers (rare), Orchis goat, Serapias vomeracea, Ophrys woodcock, and Ophrys bee. In the meadow which adjoins the park, a flowerbed is sown each year for making bouquets, to the delight of walkers.

> The different species
Collections of plum trees (Prunus) kick off spring (flowering), followed by apple trees (Malus) and Pear trees (Pyrus).
A remarkable collection of more than 50 different oaks, to which are added poplars and willows and a series of remarkable trees like the Sequoia Sempervirens and Gigateum, Oranger des Osages, a complete collection of cedars and a collection of dogwoods.
In total there are 473 trees in 257 different species and cultivars, 1900 shrubs in 33 species and cultivars.

This park has a playground for children, divided into three zones and more recently a pumptrack for board sports enthusiasts (mountain biking, BMX, rollerblading or skateboarding).

Since 2015, the Couloumé Park has had the EVE label (Espace Végétal Écologique) which certifies the high natural quality of the site thanks to maintenance practices that promote biodiversity.



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