Tell me more Les orgues de la cathédrale Sainte-Marie d’Auch

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The organs of the Sainte-Marie d'Auch cathedral

The two organs of the Sainte-Marie d'Auch cathedral are one of the treasures of this exceptional monument, registered with UNESCO. [...]


The August 6 2020

Tell me more La Petite Pierre

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La Petite Pierre

A cultural project in the countryside An association located in Jegun a few kilometers from Auch, created in 1998 on the theme of creativity [...]


19 May 2020

Tell me more Les marchés au gras dans le Gers

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Fat markets in the Gers

In the fall and all winter, there are appointments that are obvious here. They make the charm of the Gers localities of Gimont, Samatan, [...]


The 6 November 2018