Tell me more Clips vidéos du Gers

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Videos of the Gers

4 new video clips to make you dream of a holiday in the Gers! Heritage, nature, gastronomy and festivals are the four pr [...]


The January 26 2014

Tell me more Cap Sud-Ouest à Auch

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Cap Sud-Ouest to Auch

France 3 allows you to watch the program Cap Sud Ouest on Auch and the Gers entitled “Le Gers: 3 cities, 3 histories, 3 riches”. The [...]


The January 19 2014

Tell me more Les 500 ans des vitraux de la Cathédrale Sainte-Marie

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The 500 years of the stained glass windows of the Sainte-Marie Cathedral

The Sainte-Marie cathedral is one of the greatest heritage treasures of the city of Auch. Completed in 1680 at the end of two centuries.


The August 5 2013

Tell me more Mario Cavaglieri (1887-1969)

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Mario Cavaglieri (1887-1969)

The Great Men of Auch: Mario Cavaglieri, painter Born into a wealthy bourgeois family, nothing predisposed Mario Cavaglieri to become a painter [...]


The 25 July 2013

Tell me more Auch, une cité du cirque

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Auch, a city of the circus

For nearly 40 years, the circus has been the breeding ground for artistic excellence in Auch. The Pop Circus In 1975, the Abbot of Lavenère-Luss [...]


March 6th, 2013