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Tell me more Baludio, votre guide au creux de l’oreille

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Baludio, your guide in the hollow of the ear

Smartphone in your pocket and earphones on your ears, set off to discover the colorful places and characters that make the Gers so appealing [...]


20 May 2022

Tell me more Nouvel écrin pour le Musée de la Résistance d’Auch

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New setting for the Auch Resistance Museum

After several years of exhibition in the rue Pagodéoutes in Auch, the Resistance Museum of the Gascon capital is preparing to [...]


The 22 November 2021

Tell me more Trésor du Gers : Elusa, Captiale antique

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Treasure of the Gers: Elusa, ancient captial

Elusa and Seviac, archaeological center The history of the Gers goes back to antiquity. In Auch, the Museum of the Americas offers a fine collection of [...]


The 31 October 2021

Tell me more La Maneta, boutique de créateurs

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La Maneta, designer boutique

Hand-made enthusiasts, lovers of unique objects or simply looking for an original gift, enter the designer store La Man [...]


The August 11 2021

Tell me more Aymeric, guide conférencier

Heritage & Culture . auch. Cathedral of Sainte-Marie d'Auch. conferral guide

Aymeric, tour guide

Small portrait of Aymeric, guide lecturer for the Country of art and history of Grand Auch [...]


28st June 2021

Tell me more Elsa, guide conférencière

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Elsa, tour guide

Small portrait of Elsa, tour guide for the Land of Art and History of Grand Auch [...]


The April 22 2021