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Tell me more La voie de la Ténarèze

Nature / Hiking . armagnac. discoveries. Flaran. Gers. Mielan. patrimony . prehistory. Ténarèze

The way of the Ténarèze

As we mentioned in this article on the Abbey of Flaran, this Gallic road located 40 km from Auch, was reinforced by [...]


The 29 November 2021

Tell me more Trésor du Gers : la route des peintures murales

Nature / Hiking . art. Astarac. discovery. Gers. story . patrimony

Trésor du Gers: the route of wall paintings

On the outskirts of the departmental road 929 which connects Auch to Lannemezan, a few places stand out where history has left its mark, where the [...]


The 4 October 2021

Tell me more Auch, ville nature

Nature / Hiking . auch city countryside. Auch city nature. Live well in Auch. Auch environment. green spaces in Auch. Nature Auch. slowlife Auch

Auch, city of nature

4 Fleurs et Fleur d'Or at the National Competition of Cities and Villages in Bloom, gold medal for the Cuzin square at the Victoires du Paysage, [...]


The 14 September 2021

Tell me more Mes éco-gestes en vacances

Nature / Hiking . eco-gesture. ecotourism. terraces. gers holidays

My eco-friendly actions on vacation

Your tourist office, and many companies in the Gers, are committed to sustainable development initiatives. In your turn, during your vacations [...]


The August 30 2021

Tell me more Déjeuner au fil de la Baïse

Nature / Hiking . Baïse. Gers boat. Condom. Baïse cruise. River cruise gers. The Gers by boat. Baïse walk. Meals on the boat

Lunch along the Baïse

It had been a week since I booked for the lunch cruise, aboard the boat "Le d'Artagnan Échappées Gasconnes [...]


The 22 July 2021

Tell me more Prenez de la hauteur, volez en planeur

Nature / Hiking . Auch Gers airport. auch. baptism glider gers. Gers. lavardens in glider. glider. Auch glider. gliding . gliding auch. gliding gers. free flight

Take to the skies, fly in a glider

If you are curious, lover of new sensations, or if, quite simply, you have an irresistible need for lightness, dare like bird [...]


22 May 2021