Tell me more Le magret de canard est né à Auch

Gastronomy . André Daguin. auch. Duck . Gers. Magret

Duck breast was born in Auch

In a way, we can say that the magret was born in Auch. It took him a few years for his consumption to “take off”! And what a [...]


13 May 2022

Tell me more Salon de l’agriculture 2022

Gastronomy . farmer. competition . Gers. medal. winemaker

Agricultural Show 2022

Here are the results of the 2022 general agricultural competition for our Gers producers. [...]


March 22th, 2022

Tell me more Rencontre avec Philippe URRACA, chef pâtissier

Gastronomy . Armagnac. French pastry chef. URRACA pastry chef. desserts. Gastronomy. French gastronomy . recipe book . Meilleur Ouvrier de France . pastry shop . French pastry . Philip Urraca. profiteroles

Meeting with Philippe URRACA, pastry chef

Philippe URRACA the Gers pastry chef who conquered the world! Auch and the Gers are a land of gastronomy; a land of talent! Great leaders [...]


The 2 February 2022

Tell me more Les profiteroles pruneaux Armagnac de Philippe URRACA

Gastronomy . Armagnac. pastry chef . dessert. Gastronomy. French gastronomy . Gers. Gourmand . pastry shop . Philip Urraca. profiterole. prunes

Prunes Armagnac profiteroles from Philippe URRACA

The Gers pastry chef Philippe URRACA has traveled the world with his gourmet profiteroles. These recipes sublimate the products of excellence [...]


The 2 February 2022

Tell me more Tables en fête avec Les Fleurons de Lomagne

Gastronomy . armagnac. Shop . gourmet gift. Auch containment. Fleurons of Lomagne. Foie gras . Gers. local products . wine

Festive tables with Les Fleurons de Lomagne

We have found your ally for a successful end of year celebrations: Les Fleurons de Lomagne. Present in Auch, but also in Lectoure o [...]


The 25 October 2021

Tell me more Les Tables du Gers

Gastronomy . surroundings. auch. Gers. local products . quality. restaurants. tables of the gers

Tables of the Gers

If the Gers is traditionally renowned for its gastronomy, there are restaurateurs who promote more or less local products for their [...]


The August 5 2021