4 Fleurs et Fleur d'Or at the National Competition of Cities and Villages in Bloom, gold medal for the Cuzin square at the Victoires du Paysage, national prize for the Tree… are not stolen for a city which brings great importance to management of its green and public spaces and a field service at the top of professionalism. Holidaymakers, dear new or future inhabitants, rest assured to feel “nature” with each step taken in the Gascon city!

Without going into scientific and technical details, a few words to tell you how the maintenance of this green environment that surrounds us is organized ...

The city's significant green heritage and its great diversity have naturally led the city of Auch to differentiated management methods for green and public spaces.

There are many issues at stake, particularly tourism issues.

In Auch, it is according to a classification by maintenance code that it operates. The competent service has identified 4 levels:

  • prestigious green spaces
  • gardened green spaces
  • landscaped green spaces
  • natural spaces.

All the strata are considered, seasonality too, of course!

The tree, shrub or floral compositions are related to the landscapes of the country, with a permanent concern for harmonious and sustainable development and quality of the living environment.

The tree heritage

Auch and its inhabitants have 238 ha of green spaces!

The city's tree-lined heritage has continued to be developed for several decades: efforts rewarded in 2000 with the obtaining of the National Tree Prize.

The choice of species is oriented towards maximum diversification and takes into account the constraints of soil, climate and the immediate environment.

A public landscape heritage management plan has been in place since 2007.

Maintenance of the tree heritage

  • Maintenance of the tree heritage

Five agents, including two qualified climber arborists, take care of the maintenance. A tree charter is established.

Rigorously completed Excel spreadsheets help in the programming of each intervention (watering, annual or multiannual pruning, felling, renewals, etc.).


Perennial shrubs are employed in great variety.

The space available to develop green spaces and flower is reduced, however the need for vegetation is always stronger among users. This is why, in recent years, we have seen climbers settle down. This is the case in the historic pedestrian street of Auch, the Dessoles Street.

These persistent climbers bring a plant rhythm effect all year round, and exhale their fragrance.


The garden and prestigious green spaces are landscaped with shrubs and perennials. Throughout the seasons, diversity is the order of the day. It saves water, inputs and maintenance costs. For prestigious green spaces, flowering is seasonal (summer and winter / spring): what a surprise to discover them, an additional added value for Auch and its urban character!

Our favorites for flowers? The planters on rue Gambetta and, after the pump track in the Couloumé park, two trees with special branches allowing children to exercise easily! And you ?

The seasonal flowering represents 44 different places!

Have you noticed the friendliness of the staff who work to maintain them?

Lawns, meadows, ground covers

The layer at ground level is important in the management of spaces because it is the background of the landscape, the background of the painting, of the framing.

Particular care is taken in the choice of grasses according to the use, the desired and possible maintenance, and resistance to drought.

For natural areas, mowing is done with the Giro crusher after flowering and the rise to seed in order to disseminate the latter and perpetuate the flora. Some meadows are used as a connection space with mowing and then working the hay, making bundles and exporting organic matter. The town has established a partnership with an organic farmer for this operation.

In order to rationalize the maintenance of small spaces and bring a greater variety, the use of herbaceous, perennial or woody ground covers has developed for several years.

The municipality has even specialized in the use of ground covers adapted to difficult conditions, so certain spaces are fitted out without watering. In addition to allowing development at a lower cost, these spaces are very economical in water and maintenance costs while offering an embellishment of spaces graduated over the seasons.

Integrated biological protection

The City of Auch is implementing numerous integrated control operations against:

  • Pine and Oak Processionary Caterpillars,
  • aphids,
  • pruinose flatids,
  • the otioryncs on Viburnum tinus.

An entomologist accompanies the city on these actions.

Recycling Waste

Products made from pruning trees or shrubs are used in traditional mulching.
The other green waste from the service is specifically collected and recovered elsewhere. Compost is used according to the needs of the heritage.

Unit dedicated to waste prevention and good practices

Two agents are dedicated to raising the awareness of users (individuals, professionals and schools) in order to modify behavior and together preserve the living environment of Auscitans.

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Soon to be read on this blog: the “kûk” of the Ortholan garden.

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The 14 September 2021