This morning, we have an appointment with our guide Justine who accompanies us in the discovery of the Saint-Mont vineyard. Head towards the south-west of the Gers where the hills, dotted with charming villages and picturesque chapels, are covered with vines. We are entering a great Gascon wine region: AOC Saint Mont.

Departure of the visit

We find Justine in Aignan. At Easter, this village organizes a bullfighting day. But today the arenas remain silent and the cellar concentrates all the activity. We get into the 9-seater vehicle made available for this day. On the way to the village of Sabazan and its castle.

AdurGreco Sabazan

Our guide takes advantage of this short trip to tell the story of the vine, distill the first elements: it is in 1978 that, bringing together their work and their know-how, the winegrowers of the cellars of Saint-Mont, Aignan and Plaisance created the Plaimont cooperative union.

Sabazan Castle

Château de Sabazan

The building of 15nd century is surrounded by vines with emblematic grape varieties of the AOC Saint Mont: cabernet sauvignon, pinenc (or Fer Servadou) and especially the tannat to which the terroir of fawn-colored sands because oxidized gives all its magnitude. The visit of the cellar makes our mouths water and tasting in the barrel of the red wine harvested by hand and bottled at the château keeps all its promises.

Vin château de Sabazan

Justine talks about the work of today's winegrowers and their investment in the future with the study of old strains at the conservatory. It is true that vines listed as historical monuments, plot dating from 1810, are on this controlled designation of origin!

When mealtime strikes

Two possibilities are available to us: a 100% homemade picnic at a winemaker's or a traditional meal. The slightly chilly air directs us to a lunch at the Buffalo farm, Gers table * very close with a breathtaking view of the Pyrenees!

Auberge Aignan

Towards the cellar of Plaisance

We take the road towards Plaisance. On our journey on Saint-Go castle, Tour of Termes d'Armagnac (medieval Gascon castle with many historical events), and always this superb view of the Pyrenees. We stop at the cellar which gives pride of place to "organic" production.

Boutique Plaisance

Above all, do not create anything ... simply observe, protect and enhance an exceptional territory. André Dubosc, founder of Plaimont

Vin bio

Improve quality of their wines, the credo of these passionate winegrowers which leads them to the certification of high environmental value. Here is an interesting preamble to the next meeting ...

Chez Sylvie

The small road that we take winds through the Gers countryside and runs along meadows where black pigs and other cattle graze. Here the winegrowers are in polyculture and their operations also include cereals, breeding ducks, Astarac hens, Mirandaise cows.

ADurGreco Porcs noirs

We arrive at Sylvie's cabin cottage, a winegrower from father to daughter. Everything here exudes serenity, right up to the very natural lounge where we will sit down for the tasting. Sylvie is real, passionately attached to her work in the vines, which punctuates the seasons. She makes us discover her wine universe.

Vigne ADurGreco


Winemaker from father to daughter

For Sylvie, the mutual help of the winegrowers is natural, reasoned agriculture is obvious, and conviviality is its DNA.

In 2000 she applied to her vineyard a reasoned and controlled agriculture. Sensitive to the well-being of people and nature, she embarks on " bio »And is today one of its most fervent ambassadors.

We enjoy tasting a glass of Secret nature ** accompanied by appetizers generously prepared by our host.

The appellations of Plaimont

Justine makes us want to come back to this little piece of Gers, see you again these men, their land and their black berets. We still have to discover the other appellations of this land of abundance: the AOC Madiran and the AOC Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh, as well as the IGP Côtes de Gascogne which completes therange of aromas of wines from the South-West.


Do you know the origin of the name Plaimont?

Plaimont: "Pl" for Plaisance, "Ai" for Aignan and "Mont" for Saint-Mont.

Meet the winegrowers of Plaimont

  • Guided tours of the vineyard, wine workshops : by reservation all year round from Monday to Saturday, at 10 a.m. and 15 p.m.
  • Information and reservations with Justine, guide in Plaimont: by phone +33 (0) 7 72 13 92 00 or by email.

* Gers table :  Label creative, authentic and responsible restaurants in the Gers.

** alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation

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