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Pavie, town and country

Village de Pavie


Built on the foundations of a Roman villa, Pavie is a 13th-century medieval bastide built to a draughtboard-style plan. It was founded by Bernard IV Earl d'Astarac in pariage, or partnership, with the abbey of Berdoues.

The town was a long-standing rival of Auch, but it began its decline at the end of the Hundred Years' War when it served as a base for "routiers", bandits who scoured the entire region.  In 1439, its population was massacred during a bloody battle ordered by Charles VII; Rue du Sang is a reminder of this dark time. 

Don't miss, in

  • A church with listed features; 
  • 13th-century bridge
  • Les Carmes chapel now converted into a cultural centre; 
  • Wood-panelled houses; 
  • Le Cédon chapel to which pilgrimages were made after the Black Plague in 1631, located along route de Lannemezan; 
  • Gers memorial to combatants and civilian victims of the Algerian War; 
  • Private castles; 
  • The Saint-Jean fountain along route de Pessan, marking the spot where a church and hospital for religious pilgrims stood; 
  • Mill; 
  • Lever-operated well; 
  • Two footpaths departing from the Fleurian school, including La Serrade de Marseilhan and the Les Besmaux path


Main events

The Festival Trad'envie (Occitan culture) is the most important event of the village, both for the quality of its music and the friendliness of its atmosphere. Also around the 21rsdt of June, local feast.



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