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3 place de la république
32000 AUCH

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This 10-km circuit departing from the village of Pavie is interesting because it crosses a wide variety of settings.

After crossing the 13th-century bridge, it will lead you from the riverbank to the hilltop along a path where you'll see Aphyllanthes flower from May to June. You'll pass not far from the estate of Peyloubère where the famous Italo-Gascon painter, Mario Cavagliéri (1887-1969), once lived. Some of his works are on exhibit at the Auch museum. Upstream from the Peyloubère estate, the Gers river cascades into an impressive waterfall, and so its name was once synonym with this former swimming site. On the hillsides of Pavie, you can admire the lovely views over the valley in any season. When the weather permits, you will see the chiselled horizon line of the Pyrénées.

Departure from the car park of the Fleurian nursery school.

1- Head for the church square and 13th century bridge over the Gers. Enter the stadium gate. Follow the riverbank south along 1 km to reach the driveway leading to the Peyloubère estate (where you will see an unfinished pillar for a railway bridge and the ruins of a footbridge).

2- You will reach a tar road (be careful!) and turn right. Continue along 250 m and turn left on the corner of the estate. Follow the stony road for about 500 m. When you come to a fork, continue forward, ignoring the path to the right that climbs up the hill.

3- Once you pass a house, turn left and you will pass in front of a large oak tree. Veer off to the right to cross the field, even if it is planted, and go up towards the thicket. Keep following the path that takes you up the hill, and you will pass near the Jantot mill. When you come to the ridge, take a left on the tar road and continue 400 m to arrive at a five-road crossing. The ridge, also called a serrade, once joined Auch to the former town of Marseilhan.

4- Turn left and then immediately right to stay on the ridge. You will pass over the former motocross circuit and enjoy a lovely view over Pavie. Continue along 1.5 km, where you will enjoy a lovely view over Auch and its cathedral, and head for the Saint-Cristau castle.

5- Before you reach the castle built down below, turn left onto the dirt road and go down toward the Termes farm (where organic ewe's cheese is made and sold). After the farm buildings, look for the tar road that goes down to the village. Follow it for a view over Pavie and to see the St Jean Baptiste fountain at the bottom of the hill.

6- At the crossroads, take a right to head for the village and walk along Rue du Vieux Pont. At the centre of the village on the town hall square, take Rue du Sang opposite. At the end of the street, turn left on Rue du Castéra to come back to the depature point.

TerraGers rating

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  • Footpaths, 
  • All-terrain bikes, 
  • VTT électrique


  • 10.00 km


  • 3 h

Level of difficulty

  • Intermediary
  • Afficher


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