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32000 AUCH

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This circuit takes you along the Calvaire path, near what used to be the Sasian lepers' cemetery. Only one wooden cross remains to mark the burial of these outcasts.

At Le Chalet, you will discover an exceptional panorama over the Pyrénées and the village. The La Paguère woodlands, that you will enter next, provides blessed coolness on hot summer days. Farther along, before you arrive at Le Domaine des Claux, enjoy beautiful havens of tranquillity in the woods of Labesse and along the valley that you will follow. Don't miss a tour of Castelnau-Barbarens before you head home.

1- From the square (near the esplanade and tower of the former 13th-century castle), follow the tar road Le Calvaire along approximately 1 km. You will see a wooden cross on your right when you arrive at Sasian. continue straight on and turn left at the crossing, then 200m farther along, turn right on a stony path to pass in front of the water tower. Go down in the direction of the Hourontan farm. Pass in front of the farm (enjoy the view) and follow the path into the woods until you reach the En Forgue estate. (This is ringdove hunting territory, so be very quiet.) Take the tar road to the right until you reach the D626.

2- Turn right in the direction of Castelnau-Barbarens and continue along for 800m.

3- Climb the driveway left of the Le Pastre farm. Go around the farm on the left, then follow the path along 500m.

4- Take a left and pass in front of the driveway of the Tuquette country inn. Continue along the small road for 600m.

5- Turn right on the path along the edge of the woods (a picturesque valley) and pass in front of the driveway of Le Domaine des Claux (accommodation for horses and riders). Continue straight on along the road that leads to the D40.

6- Take a right to come back towards the village along the road.

7- When you come to an artistic mushroom, turn left. Cross the D626 and climb the path opposite. Then turn left on Rue de St Roch and veer to the left on Porte du Pont Levis. Climb back up the street to the right to return to the departure point

TerraGers rating

  • TerraGers rating : TerraGers


  • Footpaths, 
  • All-terrain bikes, 
  • VTT électrique


  • 10.00 km


  • 3 h

Level of difficulty

  • Beginners'
  • Afficher


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